The astonishing climate effect of empowering girls and women

Plant-based food, wind turbines and electric cars are often in focus during discussions on climate solutions. So maybe it’s time to highlight an even more important factor: Health and education.

”We will not solve the climate crisis unless women and girls world-wide are empowered and have equal rights and opportunities”, says Crystal Chissell, vice president of operations and engagement at Project Drawdown.

Crystal Chissell poweful keynote during Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, April 22 2020.

”In a scenario where there is investment in family planning and we limit population growth to the UN median population projection, our analyses shows that we can avoid up to 85 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases between now and 2050”, says Crystal Chissell.

She also says that solving problems concerning human health and wellbeing is the key for getting more people involved in climate action, since those problems are far more visible than what’s going on up in the sky.

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Crystal Chissell

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