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2 min readFeb 19, 2020

Afrigod in collaboration with the global social media platform for the climate, We Don’t Have Time have decided to host a Sport for Climate football competition.

This event is primarily focused on building a healthy environment and clean climate through sports. And also an opportunity for young, talented individuals to showcase their incredible sport skills, creating even more opportunities for them while promoting Nigeria’s value.

About Sport for Climate
Sport for Climate is a football competition between teams / organizations in Lagos, Nigeria.
• Each team or organization is to produce a team of 11 players (including a goalkeeper), which will partake in the competition.
• Each team or organization will create at least one climate campaign promoting a healthy environment and a clean climate, using the We Don’t Have Time social media platform (, and will partake in green activities such as tree-planting.
• Each team or organization will attend the We Don’t Have Time Earth conference for the award ceremony from 23–25 April, 2020.

Sport Date: April, 2020.
Conference / Award Date: 22–24 April, 2020
Venue (Sport & conference): Digital Bridge Institute, No 1 Nitel road, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

***No Registration Fee***
This event is fully sponsored!

Apply here:

For Inquires
234 705 648 0684

Facts about Afrigod

Afrigod is a creative initiative that focuses on key solutions to issues affecting communities. Our mission is to create sustainable solutions through art, technology, agriculture and strategic social projects to curb the climate crisis and improve lives and societies across Africa.

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