Sea level rise present serious long-term challenges to Gambia’s development. There is a consensus that climate change could result in to 1 meter rise in the sea level.

Laybato Beach — The Gambia

The Gambia is primarily low lying and a 1 meter rise could potentially inundate over 8% of the country’s land area. Experts predict that sea level rise of 1 meter will submerge close to 10 percent of the total land, including the capital city, hotels and built infrastructures.

Laybato Beach — The Gambia

The combined effects of sea-level rise and change in upstream river discharge, erosion of coastal embankment and changes to natural sediment dynamic, pose a serious threat to the natural resources base and livelihood opportunities of coastal and riverine communities. These threats if not treated, pose a more serious issue for the entire countries in West Africa.

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Annette Camara is the Team Leader for Afrigod in the Gambia and a full-time radio presenter and producer.

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Afrigod is a creative initiative focuses on creating solutions to key issues affecting communities. Our mission is to create sustainable solutions through art, technology, agriculture and strategic social projects to curb the climate crisis and improve lives and societies across Africa.

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