Afrigod to launch #ZeroWaste green eCommerce store for a circular economy in 2021

2 min readAug 3, 2020

The Afrigod Initiative, which is one of the leading climate organizations combating the climate crisis in Africa, will be launching its Green #ZeroWaste eCommerce Store in the early month of 2021. The Afrigod Team has been working on #ZeroWaste project since 2019 to combat the high level of solid waste pollution in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

The Afrigod #ZeroWaste green eCommerce platform will be a platform to, resell old products such as shoes, clothes, electronics and other Eco-friendly items; Rent equipment, apartments and office spaces; Repair items for resale. Afrigod has connected with local companies and brands who want to sell or resell their old products rather than disposing them off as waste, causing more environmental pollution.


According to the founder and director, Miguel Peters, the Green eCommerce platform #ZeroWaste, will focus on promoting a circular economy thereby building a conscious responsible consumption principle in African communities and across the world. He also stated that Afrigod has successfully partnered with Circular Consumption Organizations to promote conscious, responsible consumption through the concept of RE-DESIGNING, RECYCLING, REUSING, REPAIRING and RENTING.

Afrigod has the market, vendors, and creative team to promote a circular economy through the #ZeroWaste green eCommerce program. The revenue generated from the eCommerce platform will be used to sponsor Afrigod social green projects and climate campaigns in other regions of Africa.

Afrigod has contributed greatly towards mitigating the climate crisis in Africa through its strategic Social Green Projects and Climate Campaigns. Earlier this year, Afrigod launched the Sports for Climate games program in Africa to connect people and their environment via sports. The event is proudly sponsored by We Don’t Have Time, the largest social network for climate action.

The Afrigod Initiative also holds an online and onsite International Film Training Program for film-makers between the month of August and September annually in West and East Africa with a goal to tell more compelling stories about the climate crisis and its impacts in societies through short films and documentaries.

To support the Afrigod #ZeroWaste eCommerce project simply send an email to and we will happy to hear from you.

#ZeroWaste means #ZeroWaste.

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